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"Our Vision"

To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

"Our Mission"

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"



1. Location and Area

Koralaipattu DS Division has a land area of 45.07 Sq. km and its  boundaries are in the North by Vaddavan (Koralaipattu North DS Division); in the East by Bay of Bengal;in the South by Kiran (Koralaipattu South DS Division); and in West by Koralaipattu South DS Division and Koralaipattu West DS Division.  Koralaipattu Division is located in 32km north from Batticaloa town in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.  This division can beaccessed using the A-15 road from Batticaloa or Pollannaruwa. Administratively the division constitutes of 12 Grama Niladhari and 27villages.



2. Physical Feature

2.1 Geography

Division is a flat terrain and the height from the sea level does not exceed 5 meters. The entire division falls under the Dry Zone because of the sprase rainfall during most of the year. The division has 13.06km of coastal belt and a world famous sea mouth called Passikudah.

2.2 Climate

The average annual rainfall varies from 864mm to 2897mm per year. The division receives most of rain during the monsoon season. Mean Sea level pressure ranges between 1004.mb – 1014.3mb in the year.  Number of hours of Sun Shine per Day ranges between 5.6 – 9.


The total population of the division was 23730(families 7204) in 2010. The population density was 496.67 persons per square kilometer. The population density decreases over last four years. Highest population for the past six years was in 2004.

4. Economy

Division’s economy basically depends on fisheries, agriculture and small industries.

4.1 Agriculture

Families are engaging in the agriculture. Paddy cultivation, vegetable crops, fruit cultivation, coconut cultivation, cashew cultivation and livestock rearing such as cattle for milk, goats and poultry are components for this sector.

4.2 Fisheries

Koralaipattu Division has a total coastal Length of 13.06km. Best place for Coastal and off shore fishing.


5. Roads

The division has a total road net work of approximately 189km. In this total net work, 20km is maintained by Road Development Authority, 7.5km is maintained by Road Development Department and rest of the bulk division road network comes under the purview of Koralaipattu Pradeshiya Sabah.



Road Development Authority


Road Development Department


Local Authority



6. Health

Health services consist one Base Hospital at Valaichenai and office of Medical Officer of Health in this division.


7. Education

7099 students studied in 2010. 48% were male students 52% were female students. 288 teachers were in these schools. Out of these students 23% are studying in very difficult area schools; 18% studying in difficult schools; 59% of students are studying in schools in congenial, congenial and very congenial areas. Shortage for Teachers for English, Science, Maths and Aesthetics is the prominent problem in the schools in Division.


News and Events
  • News and Events
    Pongal Festival – 2015   Divisional Secretariat Koralaipattu Valaichchenai Celebrated the Annual Pongal Festival on 16th of January 2015 at the Divisional Secretariat Complex......